International Conference on
Artificial Intelligent, Blockchain & Data Sciences
(ICAIBDS - 2019)
Sponsored by Rampros Education Society, Hyderabad
29th - 30th November 2019, Venue: Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad

Previous Conference

February 25, 2018 International Conference and Award Function The International conference on “Importance of Inter-disciplinary Research in Engineering, Management, Humanities, Medical Sciences” aims to bring together academic scientists industrialist, Social Thinkers, Research and Students to Exchange and share their experiences and research ideas about all aspects of Arts Commerce, management, Science Technology and Medical Science and to discuss the practical Challenges about the encountered and the solutions adopted The International Conference & Award Function on “Importance of Inter-disciplinary Research in Engineering, Management, Humanities, and Medical Sciences” I.I.D.R.E.M.H.M.S-2018 on 25th February 2018 and a Special Issue is being published in UGC approved journal by IARA. The main goal of organizing this conference is to share and enhance the knowledge of each and every individual in this computer world. We have given a good opportunity for those who have a thirst in knowing the present technological developments and also share their ideas. Furthermore, this conference will also facilitate the participants to expose and share various novel ideas. The conference aims to bridge the researchers working in academia and other professionals through research presentations and keynote addresses in current technological trends. It reflects the growing importance of intelligent Computing systems as a field of research and practice. You will get ample opportunities to widen your knowledge and network.

Important dates

Regular Paper Submission Starts:
1st June, 2019
Submission Closing Date:
15th Oct, 2019
Review Notification and Primary Screening:
1st Nov, 2019 
Revised Version:
15th Oct, 2019 
Final Decision (Acceptance/Rejection):
31th Oct, 2019 
CRC Version and Registration:
31th Oct, 2019
Conference Dates:
29th-30th Nov, 2019
Last Date of Registration:
15th Nov, 2019